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CMS Controls Partners with Local Triangle Area Public School System

Published: July, 11 2016

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Many school systems across North Carolina are increasingly challenged by obsolesce of their existing proprietary building automation systems (BAS). These systems can be critical to each school as they control both their HVAC and lighting systems.   

CMS Controls has partnered with one of the largest Triangle Area public schools systems to assist with providing a more efficient and modern building automations system.  When evaluating the direction of the Schools’ energy management systems for the future, this local school system chose Distech Controls as the preferred brand of open protocol controls for the their existing facilities.

As a part of the first phase of the energy upgrades initiative, which included 15+ schools, CMS Controls was awarded 6 schools. Each location will undergo a full BAS retrofit to include new Distech controllers and field level devices. The projects consist of the replacement of the controls for enhanced HVAC equipment and system operation and improved accuracy of temperature, humidity and pressure readings. CMS Controls is utilizing the new Tridium N4 JACE 8000 at each school in conjunction with the replacement of controls for the following HVAC equipment:

- 200 Fan Coil Units

- 25 Chilled Water and Hot Water Air Handling Units

- 10 Hot Water Boilers

- 5 Chillers and associated pumps

- 80 Variable Air Volume Terminal Units

- 25 Unit Ventilators

CMS Controls looks forward to the continued partnership with this local Triangle public school system in achieving their goals of creating more efficient and better controlled learning environments. Coupled with our 24/7 support service team, CMS Controls will implement a comprehensive service and support solution that will assist the school system in the maintenance and service of their building automation system for many years to come.

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