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2018 We Love The Hurricanes

Published: October, 2 2018

CMS Controls was proud to sponsor and attend the 2018 We Love the Hurricanes Event.  This annual event is hosted by the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce is to celebrate the start of hockey season. Cecil Watson of Rex Hospital was CMS guest at this year's luncheon. A portion of the proceeds of the event goes to a local charity.

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How Intelligent Commercial Building Controls Can Save You Money

Published: May, 16 2017

In some cases, the old adage still applies: if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. But that’s becoming less applicable every day as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation are continually refined and added to products and services we use every day.

As a commercial building owner or facility manager in the Carolinas or Virginia, you’re likely already aware of “smart devices” and building automation systems that can be installed to control and optimize a building’s operations and energy usage. What many owners don’t realize, however, is how affordable and user friendly these systems have become.

Let’s define what the system involves, then take a look at three common examples of how it can directly impact your building’s bottom line on a monthly basis.

What is an intelligent building control system?

The purpose behind an intelligent commercial building control system is to gather real-time data related to the internal and external environment and then make strategic adjustments based on programmed settings.

Essentially, these systems consist of a range of sensors that collect basic environmental inputs like air temperature, humidity, and airflow; other inputs come from motion sensors, door and window sensors that record entrances and exits, and a host of other similar devices as required for how a particular building is used.

The data collected by all of these sensors is automatically analyzed by a computer program tied directly into the building’s main mechanical and electrical systems: the lighting, security system, HVAC, etc.

Finally, a human user sets up specific “rules” for the system to follow in order to optimize energy usage and customize the system to the building’s unique situation. For example, if the building is unoccupied from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am every day, the system can be set to ensure all lights are turned off, doors and windows are locked, and the HVAC system maintains a less comfortable temperature during those hours to save energy.

As the system continues collecting data, its machine learning capabilities allow it to further optimize usage based on factors the human user may not even notice. By self-calibrating, the system can respond faster and more effectively to changing circumstances and ensure all building systems are set for optimal performance. Further, the system can offer timely notification of potential problems - be it a burnt out light bulb or a seized blower motor - so the user can quickly and efficiently resolve the issue.

How intelligent building controls save you money

Buildings with integrated automation and smart technology will typically have lower overall operating costs than those without these systems in place. They are more energy efficient, comfortable and secure as well.

Based on the historical evidence, purchasing and installing smart HVAC, lighting, and access systems has proven to be an excellent investment, yielding both the short- and long-term ROI building owners always strive for.

Smart technology not only cuts operating costs and increases system functionality, it also helps prevent costly shutdowns and emergency repairs by predicting equipment failures early on so preventive measures can be taken. Finally, these systems increase the property's resale value and marketability because prospective owners realize the advantage they provide.

Here are two key building systems that can benefit most from integration with intelligent commercial building controls:

HVAC Systems

Your commercial HVAC system is probably the single largest energy consumer in your facility. Greater control of and insight into your HVAC system provides valuable data and cost savings immediately. When combined with building automation and data analytics, these control systems simultaneously enable more efficient energy usage and greater overall comfort.


Your lighting system is the second largest energy consumer for most commercial buildings. It’s also the most difficult consumption to reduce without intelligent controls because the only other alternative is trying to change tenant behavior: teaching people to turn off lights when they leave a room, or turn off their computers at the end of the day. An intelligent lighting system, on the other hand, changes the building's behavior - a much easier task to accomplish.


From an energy and cost perspective, an intelligent commercial building control system is a worthwhile investment. If you’d like to discuss how soon a system like this can be installed in your commercial building in the Carolinas or Virginia, contact CMS Controls today.


Most Recent Case Study

B/E AerospaceMany Parts. One Partner.

Published: October, 23 2013

By partnering with CMS Controls for their retrofit projects, B/E Aerospace has recognized significant energy and operational savings.


  • $2.5 billion revenue
  • 7,700 employees


  • 8 buildings in complex
  • 267,000 square feet


  • 30%+ reduction in HVAC energy consumption
  • 20% natural gas savings


The HVAC system at the B/E Aerospace manufacturing facility in North Carolina was nearing the end of its life. CMS Controls (and partner company Piedmont Service Group), as B/E’s full service mechanical contractor for 10 years, had been able to maintain their existing equipment to the 30-year mark but it was time to look into updating their system. When the discussions started, instead of simply replacing the components, PSG/CMS suggested a system-wide approach to find opportunities for higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. The current system used inefficient electric heating with 40 to 80KW heaters installed in the ceiling every 8 feet throughout the facility. Because the investment was already approved, B/E determined to make the facility as efficient as possible


B/E Aerospace recognized significant energy and operational savings through the comprehensive retrofit project. CMS/PSG replaced 20-ton ACME split systems with Trane gas package units with economizers. These units allowed B/E to eliminate the electric heaters and also allow them to take advantage of fresh air when conditions are right.

They gained the advantage of having a staged scroll compressor instead of loading and unloading the former reciprocating compressors. As an added bonus, the removal of a 20-ton air handler from the ceiling opened up the space and improved its overall appearance.

CMS Controls provided B/E Aerospace with an extremely flexible HVAC control and energy management system solution. CMS was able to set up the system using a single type of controller, simplifying the installation and keeping initial costs to a minimum. As other aging HVAC components are replaced, B/E’s own maintenance staff can easily modify the controllers to incorporate new energy management and control strategies


B/E Aerospace is the worldwide leading manufacturer of aircraft passenger cabin interior products for the commercial and business jet aircraft markets. B/E Aerospace is also the leading global distributor of aerospace fasteners. B/E Aerospace has leading worldwide market shares in all of its major product lines and serves virtually all of the world’s airlines, aircraft manufacturers and leasing companies through its direct global sales and customer support. The B/E Aerospace facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is an eight-building complex taking up more than 264,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space. This location houses the company’s Seating Products and Design Studio division.

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